A strong vocabulary is essential for English communication in general and for the IELTS test in particular.

Do you know the vocab in the table below?
Check the vocab ( and then try this exercise.
Complete the sentences below with the correct form of the word.











  1. It is very difficult to _______________ the evidence for and against climate change. (assess)
  2. People sometimes make the _______________ that housework is not valuable work. (assume)
  3. While some office workers can appear to be gentle and _______________, in fact they may be quite vicious. (assume)
  4. His position makes him a little intimidating, but in fact he is quite _______________. (approach)
  5. Recent _______________ of test results throughout the world reveals that Taiwanese children are well advanced in their mathematical skills. (analyse)

sısʎןɐuɐ ‘ǝןqɐɥɔɐoɹddɐ ‘ƃuıɯnssɐun ‘uoıʇdɯnssɐ ‘ssǝssɐ

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