IELTS VOCABULARY – Academic Word List

A strong vocabulary is essential for English communication in general and for the IELTS test in particular.

Do you know the vocab in the table below?
Check the vocab ( and then try this exercise.

Complete the sentences below with the correct form of the word.


1.Daily exercise is considered to be _______________ for the body. (benefit)
2. Governments generally ensure the _______________ of census data so that research and planning can take place. (available)
3. Some governments are reluctant to _______________, measures against climate change. (authority)
4.The evidence for climate change _______________ of years of research and data collection. (consist)
5.The effects of the recent changes to the law can be difficult to  _______________ at first, but they will be explained more fully at a later date. (concept)


ǝsıןɐnʇdǝɔuoɔ ‘sʇsısuoɔ ‘ǝsıɹoɥʇnɐ ‘ʎʇıןıqɐןıɐʌɐ ‘ןɐıɔıɟǝuǝq

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