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Today’s words are from sublist 4 of the Academic Word List.

When you learn new vocab, make sure that you note collocations too. For this group of words some collocations are:
investigation of, to investigate something, investigative reporting, job satisfaction, to label something, a mechanism for, a mechanism to

Check the meanings of the words if you don’t already know them. Check the meanings of the various forms as sometimes they are different. You can check them at Time4english by clicking the words (

Complete the sentences below with the correct form of the word.

IELTS vocabulary


  1. The department decided to handle the matter ______________ rather than escalate it to the next level.(internal)
  2. She’s an_______________ reporter for CNN. (investigate)
  3. Her _______________ has many great benefits.(job)
  4. Children need to have their clothes and belongings _______________so that they don’t get lost at school. (label)
  5. How do I know when I’ve used all of my phone credit? What’s the _______________ for informing me? (mechanism)

Answers (in the wrong order below)
5. mechanism    3. job     2. investigative reporter    1. internally    4. labelled

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