IELTS Speaking

This question is from Part Two of the speaking test. It was used in Venezuela in June 2015. In Part Two you are given one minute to think about the topic and write some notes.

For me it was a difficult question. But I used the strategy of writing down 2 or 3 ideas. That way if I run out of things to say about one topic, I can give another example.

This is important because in this part of the test, you need to keep speaking for 2 minutes. If you run out of things to say you WILL lose marks. You need to aim to keep speaking until the examiner interrupts you.

Always use the strategy of using the 1 minute to write down 2 or 3 examples. And remember that your answer to the question is not important. There is no right or wrong answer. You just need to be relevant … and you need to KEEP TALKING!


Speaking tips for IELTS

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