The first four questions are always the same.

* What is your full name?
* Can I see your ID?
*Where are you from?
* Do you work or study?

This is where the speaking test really begins. You will have several questions about a particular topic. You should give a few extended answers (several sentences). 

* Tell me about your town.
* What do you like about your town?

Then you will have a few questions on another topic.

* Do you like going shopping? Why?
* How frequently do you go shopping?
* What time of the day do you like to shop? Why?


In this part you have to speak for two minutes. The examiner will not speak.

Discuss a sports activity you watched or joined, you should say:
* Where it happened
* What exactly happened
* Why it was memorable


This section is a discussion where the examiner will ask questions. You will need to give a few extended answers.

* What do you think is the most popular sports nowadays?
* What do you think about the benefits of swimming?
* Do you think swimming is a good sport?
* What sports activities were you engaged in at school?
* If you were given a chance to go back to school, what sports would you engage in?
* Should children be encouraged to do more sports?
* What kind of sports are better for children, team or  individual sports?

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