Students reported these same questions in tests in Saudi Arabia and in India in August 2015. 


This group of questions is always the same.
* What is your full name?
* Can I see your ID?
*Where are you from?
* Do you work or study?

This is where the speaking test really begins. You will have several questions about a particular topic. You should give a few extended answers (several sentences). 

* What do you do at work?
* What is more important for you, the work itself or people you work with?
* Why ?

Then you will have a few questions on another topic.

* Did you have a hobby in your childhood?
* Why did you choose that particular hobby?
* Do you have a hobby now?
* Can you describe it?


In this part you have to speak for two minutes. The examiner will not speak.

Talk about exercises that you do to keep yourself fit. Please say

* What are they?
* When and where do you usually do them?
* What is the importance of fitness?


This section is a discussion where the examiner will ask questions. You will need to give a few extended answers.

* Do you like walking?
* What do people do to keep themselves fit in your country?
* What other options do they have?
*What are some popular sports activities in your country? Why?
*Nowadays there are many gyms opening everywhere. Why do you think it is?
*Do people in your country know the importance of sports activities?


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