There are several question types in the Listening Test. You MUST read the instructions carefully. If the instructions say NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER, and you write three words, you will lose the mark for that question. So always take care and understand the questions.

There are 40 questions in the real test and there are several different kinds of questions. In this short listening exercise you need to COMPLETE the SENTENCES.

  1. Sometimes the questions will use almost the same words as the listening text, but other times the questions will use synonyms. So you need to listen for key ideas, not just key words.
  2. Your answer must be the exact word you hear – NOT a synonym.
  3. Each question is worth one mark.
  4. Your spelling must be correct. If it is incorrect, you will lose the mark.
  5. The questions will be in the same order as the listening text. So first you will hear the answer to question one. The answer for question two will come after that. The answer for question three will come next and so on.
  6. Two words and/or a number means exactly that. So a possible answer could be ’20 white computers.’

Listen and answer the questions below using NO MORE THAN ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER.

  1. Red-eyed tree frogs are __________ reptiles to keep in a terrarium.
  2. They are quite delicate so your skills need to be at an __________ level.
  3. They are not the __________ things to keep.
  4. The natural habitat for these frogs is the __________ forest.
  5. Their natural habitat is humid and in fact you need to keep the frog __________ for six months of the year.
  6. The frog could die with just a couple of days of incorrect __________.

When you check your answers make sure that the spelling is correct and make sure that you have the correct word. If you have a synonym, your answer is wrong. So to get 6/6 you must have the answers exactly right. 1. beautiful, 2. advanced, 3. easiest, 4. rain, 5. wet, 6. humidity. So, did you get the right word with the right spelling? If not, listen again.

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