In this video, producer David Binder is talking about an event he saw at the Sydney Festival. Listen to the first 1:30 and complete these sentences with the exact word/s that you hear.

  1. In the lobby there was a brochure with information about a show called Minto ____________.
  2. Minto is about one hour ____________ of Sydney.
  3. The speaker visited the show in Minto on a ____________.
  4. In the show the ____________ wandered from one house to the next.
  5. The residents were also performing. They emerged from their ____________.
  6. Residents came out onto their lawns and performed ____________ for the audience.

Check your answers below. If you missed an answer, listen again. See if you can hear it.
3. Friday   5. houses   1. Live     6. dances     2. southwest    4. audience

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