GRAMMAR – Adverbs of Time

Do you use Adverbs of Time correctly? Some go with the present simple, some go with the present continuous and others are only used with perfect tenses.

It is really worth learning to use these words correctly. Mis-use of these small words can sound quite odd to a native speaker.

Time adverbs with Present Tenses

Try these sentences. Can you put correct words in the gaps?

  1. I ____________________ him since 2010. (not see)
  2. She ____________________ to a client at the moment. Can I help you. (speak)
  3. We _________ already ___________the forms, now we just need to wait until we hear from the bank. (complete)
  4. Jana frequently ____________________ to class late. (come)
  5. I ____________________  my homework yet. (not finish)

Answers (in the wrong order)
3.  have already completed   5. have not finished    2. is speaking     4. comes    1. have not seen

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