Do you know about QUIZLET? It’s a great place to practice your vocabulary. There are quizzes on all kinds of words, but you can search for particular groups of words. For example, I searched for Academic Word List, Sublist 4 and there were many quizzes to choose from. I chose this one.  Try it! Or you can choose another one. The quizzes are made mostly by teachers.

You don’t have to sign up, you can just use the site.

  1. Read the words and their meanings and you can listen to the pronunciation. \
  2. Use flip cards where you see the word, try to remember the meaning and then ‘flip’ to see if you were right. Or you can start with the meaning and see if you can remember the word.
  3. Learn the meaning – see the meaning, write the word.
  4. Learn the spelling. Listen to the word and then write it down to check your spelling.
  5. Create a test (easy to create!)
  6. Play a game.

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