Here is another speaking test to practice with. When practicing you should record yourself. Make sure that you give some extended answers. Make sure that you speak for 2 minutes in Part Two. 


This first group of questions is always the same.
* What is your full name?
* Can I see your ID?
*Where are you from?
* Do you work or study?

This is where the speaking test really begins. You will have several questions about a particular topic. You should give a few extended answers (several sentences).
* Who do you live with?
* Describe your apartment.

Then you will have a few questions on another topic.
* Do you like watching the sky?
* Do you prefer to do it during the day or at night?
* How do you watch it?
* Do you go somewhere special?


In this part you have to speak for two minutes. The examiner will not speak.

Describe a movie that you watched a while ago and liked. Please say

* When and where was it?
* What was so special about it?
* Why did you like that movie?


This section is a discussion where the examiner will ask questions. You will need to give a few extended answers.
* Do you think people should see dubbed movies or only movies in their own language?
* Do you think many people still visit cinemas these days?
* What is the importance of actors in movies?
* Does the plot play an important part in a movie’s success? Why?



  1. Personally I would find PART TWO difficult. So I’d use the one minute preparation time to think of two or three movies I enjoyed and refresh my memory about them. So that way if I run out of ideas with one movie I can continue … and another movie I saw recently was … blah and …
  2. Remember there are no right or wrong answers. The examiner just wants to hear you speak and you need to give a relevant answer.

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