There are mistakes in all of these sentences. Can you rewrite each sentence correctly?

  1. She married with him a year ago.
  2. The man which is the treasurer also does the gardens.
  3. You must phone to him immediately.
  4. They have driven to the countryside last weekend.
  5. He has been eating breakfast already.

Corrected sentences. 
a. She married him a year ago.
(Remove the word ‘with.’ )
Some verbs are fussy about prepositions. Other verbs that are a common source of error are ‘ask’ and ‘discuss.’ Note that we do not ‘ask to someone’ and we do not ‘discuss about.’
b. The man who is the treasurer also does the gardens.
(Change ‘which’ to ‘who.’ )
Always use ‘who,’ when talking about people. Animals and things take ‘which.’

c. You must phone him immediately.
(Remove the word ‘to.’)
This is another example of a verb that doesn’t need a preposition. In its noun form we can add ‘to.’ Eg. Give the phone to Mary. 
d. They drove to the countryside last weekend.
(Change the verb into the simple past.)
If you are only talking about one action (drive) and it happened last weekend, then it is in the past and it is completed. Use the simple past. 
e. He has eaten breakfast already.
(Change the verb to the present perfect.)
The present perfect is generally used with the following words; already, yet, never and ever.
‘Already’ generally refers to an action that is complete before the present time. 

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