tipHere’s a HOT TIP!

The average native English speaker who knows nothing about IELTS probably WILL NOT get a 9 on the test. They may not even get an 8. Why?

It could be because the average English speaker is not a fluent speaker, but that doesn’t sound right. The likely reason is that there if we don’t understand the test well, we will lose marks – whether we are native speakers or language learners. So there are tips and secrets that we all need to learn about the test to maximise our marks.

If you are learning English as an additional language, you can expect your band score to go up between half and one full band by just understanding the test, by knowing what to expect and by knowing how to handle a range of question types.

Make sure that you understand every part of the listening, reading, writing and speaking tests. Keep checking back to IELTS sites like this one to learn more about the test.

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