Grammar – Adjectives with ED / ING

A lot of English learners mix up adjectives ending in ED and ING. The meaning can be quite different.
I’m bored. (= I am not interested / entertained.)
I’m boring. (= other people are not interested or entertained when they listen to me.)


Adjectives ending in -ed show what has happened to a person or thing.
Adjectives ending in -ing show the effect which something has on a person or thing.

Example: If you meet someone who makes you laugh then he is amusing. You are always amused when you speak to him.

Compare the difference:

  • My girlfriend is bored. – (My girlfriend feels bored)
  • My girlfriend is boring. – (My girlfriend is a boring person)
  • I am confused. – (I don’t understand something)
  • I am confusing. – (I will cause you to be confused)

-ed / -ing adjectives:

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