There are mistakes in all of these sentences. Can you rewrite each sentence correctly?

  1. I have lived in England since 10 years.
  2. How does it look like?
  3. I make my English homework every afternoon.
  4. Almost people like chocolate.
  5. There were much people at the concert.

Corrected sentences. 
a. I have lived in English for 10 years.
SINCE and FOR are often confused by non-native English speakers.
SINCE is used with a point in time. Since 1992 / since July / since I was a child
FOR is used with a period of time. For six months / for a few days / for a couple of hours.
b. How does it look? OR What does it look like?
When we put ‘like’ on the end, we must use ‘What’ at the start. 
c. I do my English homework every afternoon.
The wrong verb was used; it must be DO.
d. Most people like chocolate. 
ALMOST and MOST are often confused. The meaning is the same, but ALMOST is followed by ‘all’ or ‘everyone.’
Almost everyone enjoyed the lesson.
Almost all the students enjoyed the lesson.
Most students enjoyed the lesson. 

e. There were many people at the concert.
MANY is used with countable nouns.
MUCH is used with non-countable nouns. 

There were many dogs at the park. 
We haven’t got much time. 

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