Vocabulary for IELTS Sublist 6 (62)

Featured Word:
Author’ originally meant creator. The meaning is similar today. It means a person who writes a document or text. The verb form ‘author’ means ‘to write.’ There is another verb form which has quite a different meaning. ‘Authorise’ means ‘to give authority to’ and dates back to the 12 century. Today it generally means to officially give permission for something.


  • The government authorised $3 billion on military spending.
  • The principal authorised the change in the timetable to allow younger students to spend more time outdoors.
  • Brenda has authored 14 romance novels.
  • It is hard to make a living as an author these days.

Collocations: When you learn new vocab, make sure that you note collocations too. For this group of words some collocations are:
assign to, assignment of, assignment about
attach to, attachment of, attached to
author of, authored by, authorise payments

bonded to, bond for, bond amount, return a bond
brief moment, in brief, see someone briefly, be with someone briefly

Note that different collocations can have quite different meanings. They are usually not alternatives.

Check the meanings of the words if you don’t already know them. Check the meanings of the various forms as sometimes they are different. You can check them at Time4english by clicking the words (http://www.time4english.com/aamain/lounge/awl.asp).

Academic Word List 62

Vocabulary for IELTS – Academic Word List 62

Complete the sentences below with the correct form of the word.

  1. I’ll be with you  _______________ .  (briefly, in brief)
  2. The terms of her scholarship mean she is  _______________ to the government and cannot work in the private sector for five years. (bond, bonded)
  3. Eric has been asked to ______________ a book on native birds of Borneo. (author, authored)
  4. Please  _______________ your photo to the application. (attach, attachment)
  5. When I began the job I was _______________ to dish-washing duties in the kitchen. (assigned,assignment)

Answers (in the wrong order)
5. assigned  1. briefly   2. bonded  4. attach    3. author

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