Read the questions and then listen to the TED talk to answer them.
(Write the exact word/s that you hear.)

Complete the text below using no more than three words or a number. 

Jessi buys all her clothes second hand from flea markets and dress stores. Second hand (1)_______________ enables reduction of the impact on the (2)_______________ and on her wallet. Advantages include money going to a good cause, unique appearance and the fun of turning shopping into a personal (3)_______________ hunt.

Answer the following questions with no more than three words or a number. 

(4) How many pairs of undies did Jessi bring with her? _______________
(5) How much did Sunday’s outfit cost? _______________
(6) What is over-rated? _______________
(7) What is Jessi going to do with her new clothes before she returns to Brooklyn? _______________

ANSWERS – out of order!
(6) fitting in; (2) environment; (1) shopping; (4) 7 / seven; (7) donate everything back; (3) treasure hunt; (5) $55 / Fifty-five dollars

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