Read the questions and then listen to the TED talk to answer them.
(Write the exact word/s that you hear.)

Complete the text below using no more than three words or a number

After the West side Cowboy started working around (1)_______________ was killed each month. So they decide to solve the problem of the danger – they  (2)_______________ it. The line continued until (3)_______________ when the last train ran.

Initially only (4)_______________ people were interested in the project. At first they wanted to save the highline, but later they conceived the idea of developing it. The speaker loved the fact that a mile-and-a-half of (5)_______________ ran right through the city. When Mayor Bloomberg came to office, he was (6)_______________.

When the first section of the project opened in 2009  it was visited by 2 million people. This was (7)_______________ times the predicted number. In the future Section Two will open followed by Section Three which will go around the (8)_______________.

ANSWERS (in the wrong order!)

(2) elevated; (3) 1980; (8) railyards (1) one person; (5) wildflowers;  (7) [about] 10 / ten (4) two;
(6) [very] supportive

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