Speaking – Part Three

In Part Three the questions can become a bit more difficult. A variety of tenses will be used. You will be expected to give several extended answers.

Q. Do you think children should do sport at school?

A.  Yes, they should. TOO SHORT – NOT GOOD
Yes, it is important that children get exercise and fresh air. Sport also teaches children to negotiate and interact positively with other others while also teaching discipline, tenacity and goal setting. And with problems today of childhood obesity, I think it is now more important than ever. SEVERAL SENTENCES – RELEVANT – GREAT

This video is an opportunity for you to speak. You will hear some questions and there there will be some time for you to answer. Aim to take up most of that time with your speaking. You can speak generally about the topic. There are no ‘correct’ answers. So long as your answer is relevant, that is fine.

Don’t just listen, use the opportunity to speak!


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