Sublist 4, Group 8 (44)

An ‘option‘ is a choice. If you want to go on holidays, but have a limited budget, then your options will be limited too.


  • If students do well at the end of high school, then they will usually have a lot of options open to them.
  • We will be in Toronto for 12 months; we can either hire a car or buy a car. Buying is probably a cheaper option.
  • When you get married, you must sign legal documents, but the parties, clothes and expense are all optional.

Collocations: When you learn new vocab, make sure that you note collocations too. For this group of words some collocations are:
occupied territory, option to/for, output of, overall success/numbers/increase

Check the meanings of the words if you don’t already know them. Check the meanings of the various forms as sometimes they are different. You can check them at Time4english by clicking the words (

Listening: To hear the words, watch the short video.
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IELTS Vocabulary

Vocabulary for IELTS

Academic Word List 44

Complete the sentences below with the correct word and the correct form of the word.

  1. All of the tables are _______________ ; let’s go to another restaurant.  (occupy, overall )
  2. Some businesses are doing well in this economy, but  _______________ there is a downward trend in business success. (output, overall)
  3. A second lens comes with the camera as an  _______________ extra for just $50. (occupy, option)
  4. Studies suggest that workers’  _______________ increases when working conditions improve.  (obvious, output)
  5. She  ______________ doesn’t like him very much.  (obvious, option)

Answers (in the wrong order below)
5. obviously   3. optional    2.overall    1. occupied    4. output